Welcome to Southwest Johnson County

At the Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corporation, your business is our business. We work to launch, grow, attract and retain businesses with site selection assistance, maximized incentive packages and enhanced workforce development programs. But the SWJCEDC team recognizes that there’s a story behind every business. That’s why we’re focused on getting to know our community’s companies and their leaders, and then sharing those stories.

SWJCEDC also recognizes the right setting is important to every success story, and that’s why we’re spreading the word about Southwest Johnson County. One of the fastest growing areas in the region, we are home to the thriving cities of Gardner and Spring Hill, as well as multi-modal business park New Century AirCenter.

For the past 50 years, Johnson County has led growth and development in the state of Kansas and the greater Kansas City area. And over the past 15 years, Southwest Johnson County has been driving that growth, exponentially outpacing county-wide growth in terms of tax revenue.

SWJCEDC understands that between the initial site visit and the signing of the lease, factors beyond dollars and cents steer a deal. Just like a family looking for a dream home, businesses want to know about their “neighborhood”. They want to know if their neighbors are good corporate citizens and if they share similar goals and priorities. SWJCEDC helps connect the dots.


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